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Lake Lanier Fishing Guide

The striped bass fishing in Gainesville Georgia is great right now!  We have been catching some really big Striped Bass on Lake Lanier. Come join us for an all inclusive guided fishing trip on Lake Sidney Lanier.

Lake Burton Fishing

Lake Burton/ Lake Rabun

Fishing Report

Water Temp 51deg

Clarity: clear

Level: Burton down 6ft

Lake Rabun: full pool


Brown Trout:

The mass of the Brown Trout population are still holding in the creek channels. We have been trolling night crawlers 1mph on free lines the last couple of days and producing some really nice fish. Try targeting the 16 to 25 ft depths. These fish should hold this pattern for the next few weeks if the water temperatures don’t rise rapidly.


The Spotted bass bite is unreal! These fish are really aggressive right now and will eat just about anything from a jerk bait to a plastic worm. Most of the Spots we are catching have been shallow

(5 to 8 ft). The Spotted Bass should be spawning spawning over the next few weeks. Look for these fish to stay shallow The Large Mouth bite has really picked up also. We have been catching most of the LM on Jerk baits in a bream color. Fish these lures close to the banks around fallen trees or over rock outcroppings.  Look for these fish to gorge themselves before the spawn.


The Walleye spawn is in full force. Most of the population are up the creek and river channels. Trying to catch spawning Walleye can be a little tough so try target the pre spawn or post spawn fish by moving down the river/ creek channels a few hundred yards. These fish are biting a Shad Rap ( American Shad ) trolled or casted around the rocks. Work this bait very slow as Walleye are not aggressive like other species of fish. We have caught a few bigger fish on a white jerk bait

( Spro- Mc Stick). The next few weeks should be the best of the year for catching Walleye in Georgia!  Hopefully we will see some lucky angler break the State Record this year!



Capt. Wes Carlton

Georgia Lake Fishing


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The Big Fish Bite is on!

Lake Lanier Walleye Fishing/Lake Rabun Walleye Fishing

Droid 2027Walleye fishing is Georgia is becoming more popular every year. With the vast stocking efforts of the Georgia DNR these fish seem to be thriving well. Georgia’s growth season for Walleye is much longer than that of the Northern US lakes. With milder water temperatures these Walleye have an extra couple of months each year to put on the weight!  Some of the two and three year old fish are hitting the two and three lbs mark.  Our current Georgia Walleye record is approximately 11lbs. This record was set in 1995 on Lake Russell.  The large bait population’s in these North Georgia Lakes give these fish a wide variety of forage.  Walleye spawn in late February to early March. Most of these fish concentrate in the upper river and creek channels. Spawning fish can be tough to catch.  Not all Walleye spawn at the exact same time.  When fishing try looking for pre- spanning fish or post-spawn fish.  Slow trolling freelined night crawlers and Blue- Back Herring works best. Trolling small colorful(fire tiger) crank baits is a good second choice.  Early morning and late evening when the sun is not directly overhead is always best.  Fishing midday is not a waste of time. Be a little more patient with the baits and they working the bottom a little slower. Most Walleye hold close to structure during peak sunlight hours , although these fish will venture away for a stash and grab meal. Working a 1/4 oz jig with a chartreuse plastic grub is a good midday technique. Be cautious of Georgia’s underwater structure or you might find yourself loosing a lot of tackle.

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The Striped Bass are biting good despite cool temperatures. These fish are being caught in the 30ft range.  Try using small trout 5 to 6in on a down line dropped to 22 ft. Look for this pattern to continue for the next few weeks.

Lake Burton Fishing

Water level down 9 ft

Water temp 41 deg

Clarity stained


Brown Trout

The Brown trout have been biting well in the back of the creeks. Look for the color change or break. Most of the fish we are catching have been over a 16 to 20 ft bottom. Black Panther Martins have been working best. We have caught a few bigger fish on a Rapala  countdown. These fish should hold this pattern for the next several weeks if the lake doesn’t freeze.



The Spotted Bass are still fairly shallow. These fish have been setting up on a 25ft bottom. The water has been a lot cooler the last few days, so getting these fish to eat has been tricky. We have had our beat luck between 9 am an 1 pm after the sun has warmed the water a little. Try using a white jerk bait or a green crank bait. Work the baits slowly these fish are not very aggressive. The Spots will be moving toward deeper water over the next few weeks. I expect to see a good spoon bite in a week or so 35 to 50 ft.



The Walleye are biting in 28 ft of water. We have had our best success trolling deep divers around main lake points. Try using a Mann’s stretch in Sexy Shad trolled at 80 ft behind the boat. We have been varying the trolling speed from 2 mph to 3 mph. These fish are aggressive this time of year and seem to be real healthy. Look for the Walleye to start migrating toward the river channels over the next few weeks for the spawn.

Good luck

Capt. Wes Carlton

Georgia Lake Fishing




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Walleye Fishing in Georgia

The Walleye bite continues to be strong on the northern lakes.  Try trolling a 4 in crank bait Natural Shad color 80 to 100 ft begging the boat. Lake Lanier Walleye fishery is continuing to get better every year with some big fish showing up.

Lake Lanier Fishing/ December Report

The Lake Lanier Fishing continues to get better as we head toward winter. The Gainesville GA north end of the lake seems to be holding a lot of big Striped bass. These fish are feeding and schooling on top water. The Gainesville Marina area has been a good location to catch these top water fish. Gaineaville Creek has been seeing a good amount of large schools of Stripers. Clark’s Bridge Park and Laurel Park are good areas in Gainesville to catch a good number of fish. We have been fishing top water early to in the mornings and live bait mid day.

Come join us for a guided Lake Lanier Fishing Charter.

Lake Lanier Fishing Charters

The top water Striper bite is in fire! The fish seem to be everywhere this year. We have been catching fish on live bait and artificial both. Come join us for a Lake Lanier Guided Fishing Trip!