Fishing Reports

Lake Burton Fishing

Lake Burton Fishing Report
Water Temp 73deg
Clarity clear
Level: 1.5ft below full pool

The Bass bite continues to be great! We have caught some really nice Large Mouth over the last few weeks. These fish seem to be mid way back in the creeks holding close to structure. Try using a Sebile swim bait over the top of this structure before working in close with a jig. Try finding the Yellow Perch and the Bass will be near by. This pattern should continue for the next few weeks. The pre-fall topwater bite should be kicking off soon!

The Brown trout bite has been steady. These fish have been spread throughout the lake the last few weeks. Trying to get in a school hasn’t been easy. We have had out better success trolling the main lake channels trying to stay in a 60ft bottom. Try using large Johnson Spoons and Loco Spoons. Maintaining a good speed of 3mph seems to be the ticket. This bite should pick up over the next few weeks with some Larger fish showing up to Spawn soon!

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