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Lake Burton Fishing Report

Lake Burton Fishing Report

Water temp: 83
Level. Full
Clarity. Clear

The Bass have finally worked into a summer pattern. These fish are hanging in the 20 to 30ft depths. Drop shooting a Robo worm ( morning dawn color) has been very effective for us. Try working grass flats in the backs of creeks. We have also had success working brush with jerk baits off of the main lake channel. An Underspin (White Super Spin) tipped with a albino fluke is always a go to bait this time of year. I like this this bait because we catch bass and trout on these lures. Try throwing the Underspin in the 20ft depths and working it slowly just above the bottom back towards the boat through the 30ft water column.
The Brown Trout are numerous this season. Getting these fish to eat has been a little tricky. Crappie minnows has been the most effective way of fishing for the trout so far this summer. We have seen some really big schools but are only catching a few fish out of a school. Hopefully the Brown Trout will fire up as the waters temp reach the low 80’s. The trolling bite should take off soon. These fish will be congregated on the south regions of the lake.

Yellow Perch
The Perch have congregated in deeper water over the last week or so. These fish are bitting anything dropped to them. We have caught them on Crappie minnows, drop shot rigs with small flukes. Crappie jigs small brass colored spoons etc… The key to catching a message of Yellow Perch is is being able to locate them on the electronics. I spend a significant amount of time scanning the floor of the lake before dropping baits. Keep a Crappie jig or panfish jig handy when scouting for Perch. Start off looking for grass in the 18 to 22ft depths. This is where most of the Perch will be hanging out. The bigger Perch seem to be a little deeper 20 to 30ft. This pattern should continue for the next few weeks.

Good Luck!
Wes Carlton
Georgia Lake Fishing

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