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Lake Burton Fishing Report
Water Temp 84deg
Clarity: clear
Level: 6in down

The Brown Trout have been hit or miss lately. These fish are on the southern portions of the lake but often glued to the bottom. We have been catching a few fish trolling Lucky Craft pointer 78 jerk baits in Herring Color. These fish should start biting a little better in August as the thermocline settles.
The bass are deep right now and unless your near a school of Herring your not going to see much sign of these fish on top. The backs of the creeks still have quite a few bait fish in them and the Spots are chasing them around. Try using some kind of Chug or small top water bait. My other option for Bass fishing is working a drop shot off of the main lake channel points.
Yellow Perch
The Perch are starting to congregate in bigger schools near grass and brush. These fish are generally in the 16 to 25 ft depths. Crappie minnows work great for catching Yellow Perch. These fish hold close to the bottom so keeping your bait near the bottom is essential for catching a mess. These fish should continue this pattern over the next couple of months.

Good Luck!
Wes Carlton
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